Used Vehicle Inspections

Before you purchase a (new to you) used car, we strongly recommend getting a used vehicle inspection done.

With a used vehicle inspection, a mechanic can figure out the condition of your car, and warn of any potential unseen needs that may not be evident as part of a test drive.

A thorough inspection should check for leaks, and determine how well the car was cared for. A thorough brake and suspension check can warn you if the brakes are mostly worn, and also let you know if any suspension components are loose or have play.

A good inspection should take roughly an hour to check the vehicle out thoroughly. It’s a good investment to ensure that you aren’t buying a vehicle with a bunch of hidden problems. If you’d like us to inspect your vehicle, we charge $59 for a used car inspection. As a better choice, we offer a $99 special to check three of them total for you.

As a word of warning: I’d be cautious of any seller or car lot that won’t let you take the vehicle for an inspection. That’s a red flag. With an inspection, you get peace of mind knowing that you can invest in a vehicle with confidence.

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