Brake Service

Not all brake services are the same. At the low end of the scale, there’s a practice that we refer to as “Pad Slapping”….throwing a set of brake pads on without doing even the basics, such as cleaning and lubricating the slide pins to ensure that the caliper moves smoothly.

The problem is that when a car’s brakes have been pad slapped, the brakes may not apply pressure evenly, leading to premature pad wear, too much brake dust, and pedal pulsations.

The rotors have the same problem, if they’re just “slapped” on- uneven buildup of rust and oxidation on the wheel bearing’s hub mating surface will cause the rotor to not run “true”, causing pedal pulsations when you apply the brake.

These two things are the biggest causes of “bad” brake jobs that we see. By being in a hurry and cutting corners, problems that could have been avoided become huge annoyances.

Regardless of who does your brake jobs, know that we here at JD Auto always clean the rotor hub mating surfaces, and we always clean and lubricate the caliper slides. We want your brakes to work right without problems.

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